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Does this sound familiar?

You woke one day, looked in the mirror and you said to yourself, “Gosh darnit, I’m going to get in shape!” Only one problem – you don’t quite know HOW.

That’s NORMAL; we’ve all been there. 

But things are about to be different THIS time,  Right!…

Welcome to Our Fitness Family!

Personal Trainer Edwardsville & O'Fallon

Results Like These Are Typical!!

SarahLose 10-15lbs In 30 days!

  • Done-For-You Nutrition
  • Drop 2 Dress Sizes & 6″
  • Access To 25 Fat-loss Workouts/week
  • Melt Stubborn Belly Fat
  • 1-on-1 Goal Setting Workshop
  • Feel Sexy In Your Clothes Again
  • Before/After Photos & Measurements


Looking for a Fun group environment in Edwardsville or O’Fallon that will help you Burn Fat and Feel Comfortable in your clothes again?


We know how you feel… It’s hard to find the right MOTIVATION & TIME to Tone up the body the way it used to look. Ready to make that problem AREA go away so you can ROCK any clothes in your closet?


Here’s the BEST part… you can get tone arms, tight legs and a flat stomach in only 30 minutes per workout, every other day – all in a Fun, Energetic, Non-Intimidating atmosphere at our Edwardsville or O’Fallon/Shiloh studios. Plus, you’ll boost your metabolism into high gear so that you have all day long fat burn!

…You just need to believe in yourself…

Fit into your SMALLER size clothes, even after having kids!
And here’s an easy way to get started…

FREE! Beginner Bootcamp Week
*BONUS* Nutrition Program Included!!

Bootcamp Schedule



Monday 5:30AM 6:15AM 8:00AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM 8:00PM
Tuesday 5:30AM 6:15AM 8:00AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM 8:00PM
Wednesday 5:30AM 6:15AM 8:00AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM 8:00PM
Thursday 5:30AM 6:15AM 8:00AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM 8:00PM
Friday 5:30AM 6:15AM 8:00AM 9:30AM 4:30PM
Saturday 8:00AM 9:00AM



Monday 5:30AM 6:15AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM
Tuesday 5:30AM 6:15AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM
Wednesday 5:30AM 6:15AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM
Thursday 5:30AM 6:15AM 9:30AM 4:30PM 5:30PM
Friday 5:30AM 6:15AM 9:30AM 5:30PM
Saturday 8:00AM 9:00AM


This is what happens with the UNSTOPPABLE FITNESS FORMULA!

Here’s a few of the Fast Fitness Ladies and Gents Before and After their Transformation

Edwardsville Weight Loss

Edwardsville Weight Loss Success


Fast Fitness’ Unstoppable Formula:

motivated woman

Supportive Community- You will awaken your inner strength and persistence to follow your goals, you can expect to feel more energized and focused than ever before.


couple-workoutNutrition and Lifestyle Coaching – You will see a fast response with your metabolisms ability to burn fat. Your muscle is metabolically active. When it’s trained properly, it becomes an aggressive calorie and fat furnace all day long.
boxer enthusiasmProven Record of Success – For something to be effective over the long term, you have to see results and enjoy it. Our program is formulated around those two principles. How great will it feel when you can say I have already lost several inches and I’m looking forward to my next workout!
women plankingCaring Professional Coaches – Having someone dedicated to keep you on track is the best way to stay on track. The Trainers at Fast Fitness are experts at holding you accountable. They help you to not only develop your own personalized goals but to also develop a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals.


Compare For Yourself: Fast Fitness Training Against The Others


Don’t Wait Forever! Months will come and go without any change…


…You can start your transformation today by completing the form below. You’ll LOVE the Energetic, supportive fitness group at Fast Fitness. Enter Your EMAIL below to get a Free Week of Motivation, A CUSTOMIZED Nutrition Plan & Group Fitness Sessions!

What are you waiting for?

Get Compliments on How Great You Look… much sooner than you think!


FREE! Beginner Bootcamp Week
*BONUS* Nutrition Program Included!!


Group Fitness Weight Loss Results

Not Able to Get Started at one of our fitness studios? Try it at Home with my 3 week home fat loss program below!