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Shelly & Anne

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“It has become like brushing my teeth everyday...and I can't miss it!”

I couldn’t be happier with Fast Fitness! After having 3 babies in 10 years with little or no exercise in between, I was in the worst shape of my life. After applying a combo of Fast Fitness’s 30 minute workouts plus their nutrition plan to my life, I am down 57 lbs. and feel strong. Not only do I feel strong physically, but also mentally strong.

I was never one to work out at gyms. I didn’t know what to do and didn’t have the discipline.
I am addicted to their workouts. It has become like brushing my teeth everyday…l can’t miss it!

20 Pounds in my first 10 weeks and kept going!

Anne G
“I ran my first 5 mile race which I placed 1st in my division”

Although I loved running, I had to stop running because it became a chore I didn’t have time for. After I gained weight from not running, Chad, Val, and everyone at Fast Fitness Boot Camp, gave me the boost I needed to be active, get back into shape, love my body, and enjoy running again…I ran my first 5 mile race which I placed 1st in my division and loved every mile of the race!

Sarah C
“I’m working towards a new me and I have Fast Fitness to thank!”

I never thought I would say this but I love working out and I know it is due to Fast Fitness. I started my journey to health and am already down 40 pounds since I began!

I love the variety of the workouts and I really love how I feel afterwards. I’m working towards a new me and I have Fast Fitness to thank! I would recommend this to people of all weight, skill and age levels!
Already down 15 and 1/2 inches!

Shelly W.

“It is so much more than the workout!”

Fast Fitness goes above and beyond to come up with new ideas and to encourage persistence and offer support. Alter 30 years of fighting with food and the scale, I’m starting to buy into the fact that I do have the power to overcome this. Working with Fast Fitness has made me realize I am stronger than my weight problem.

They have enabled me to incorporate exercise and nutrition into my lifestyle.They keep me motivated. I know I could never have I gotten this far on my own, all thanks to Fast Fitness!


“Congratulations Susan”

Lost 24 pounds and has more Energy to play with her 3 girls.

Susan T
Tim W

I started training for the same reason as a lot of people, to get in shape. When I joined, I weighed 200 pounds. I got to thinking, I need to do something and fast. Now, several months later and 35 pounds lighter, what a difference! I feel great about what I have done, and I’m not stopping there.

I fully enjoy the workouts and love the results. Fast Fitness has helped me understand my wants and sets my goals higher than I ever thought I could reach. I feel so much better than I did several months ago and have no intent of stopping anytime soon.

Thanks to Fast Fitness, I’m looking forward to see what the next several months
will bring.

“One should live life to its fullest and make the most of each day. I'm doing that for myself now.”
“Fun! Fast! FABULOUS workouts!”
Testimonial Picture for Kim H

I’m loving my workouts with Fast Fitness! I’m seeing great results just after 6 weeks! I love the motivation they give, along with the accountability of everyone else in my class.

There is a time for everyone that wants to get back into shape say go for it! What do you have
to lose…other than inches right?
Great Results Just after 6 weeks!

Kim H
“This is the full package.”
Testimonial Picture for Kathy C

I am 56 years old and was on a search 9 months ago to get back to a form of fitness that I could get myself around.

Fast Fitness is the full package! I look forward to the 5:30 a.m. class daily and don’t want to miss a thing!

The instructors are awesome with the right amount of motivation and push. If you are looking for an incentive to live a lifestyle with fitness and nutrition as your goal setters, this is it! Fast Fitness provides a way to get after it!
It’s all good!

Kathy C
“My body was conditioned to recover faster from muscle breakdown!”

Chad was able to tailor my goals and workouts so I would ultimately be achieving more than I had expected, with workout routines I did not know existed.
Chad wisely worked me in a way that focused on muscle and cardio endurance. In hindsight, it is amazing that he was able to see what I needed for preparation. As a result,I was President of my class at OCS, finishing second in the physical standards only to a current Navy Seal going through the same program. Before l left for basic, I was able to run a mile under 5 minutes and basically max out the push-ups and sit-ups the Navy would even count in its physical tests.

Most of all, working with Chad allowed me to realize an individual is so much more capable than the body or mind gives itself credit. Chad is a knowledgeable trainer. It became clear to me he is able to work with any set of goals whether be weight loss,or merely large muscle build for a better bench press max. He is personable yet
professional, and I would recommend him as your trainer.

Jacob S
“40 lbs. down...anyone can do this!”

The workouts at Fast Fitness Bootcamp are fun, varied and quick! Working out with a group is much more enjoyable than working out by myself and it pushes me to do more each time. They have various times scheduled so everyone can find a time that fits their schedule.

I have lost 40 lbs and 16 inches so far…Fast Fitness is very supportive and has helped me to make the necessary changes in my diet. Come join the fun!

15 Pounds in my first five weeks!

Elaine S
Chad Marti

I became addicted to Fast Fitness! I am a 5 year clear cancer survivor and decided I needed to get healthy and drop 10 pounds.I blew away my goal and lost 23 total pounds! Thanks to Fast Fitness for educating me on what to eat during my work days. I have never been hungry once and just make smart choices.The workouts are great for physical fitness and toning. They are fun and never the same boring routine. It’s like having a personal trainer in a group setting at a fraction of the cost. Folks, this is easy!

“I blew away my goal and lost 23 lbs. total!”